When snow is gone, Cerro Bayo offers you the possibility of doing mountain bike. You can walk up to the peak or take the chairlift up to 1500 metres; after watching the stunning view of the Espejo, Correntoso and Nahuel Huapi lakes, get down on a track specially devised for mountain bikes.


Snowboarding can be done in winter from the very first snows up to the beginning of spring. This sport has been more and more popular (specially with the youngest) during these last years.


You can practice skiing and snowboarding surrounded by a wonderful landscape such as the one in Cerro Bayo, with 20 kms of ski runs and roads for beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert skiers. You can also do both sports off-track, among 200 hectares of virgin forests.


This is another activity you can do in the Villlage, surrounded by an astounding nature, paths within forests, falls, exotic forest species, where you can combine rock climbing and abseiling or cross a river doing "tirolesa" (cross from one way to the other hanging from a rope tied around your waist or hanging from a harness).


You can do all water sports in the rivers and lakes of glacier origin that Villa La Angostura offers you. You can quickly go down in a kayak, or do rafting on Grade 3 to 5 difficulty rivers. The ones that are not so daring, but anyway love water, will choose to sail on a motor or sailing boat by the pristine lakes of the area.


This lake area has gained international prestige. Since November, fishing lovers of all the world meet here to try their luck or to challenge their skill with the very many species that live in these waters. This is one of the privileged places for fly fishing, as well as for spinning and trolling. It should be pointed out that for fishing in this area it is compulsory to catch and release fish, as an essential condition to keep nature resources.

Summer: (December/March) Warm, temperature varies between 10° and 28° C, this being the best weather to enjoy lakes and beaches.
(March/June) Warm and peaceful, the flora shows a marvellous variety of colours: ocres, yellows, reds. Temperature varies between 8° and 20° C.
(July/September) Cold and humid. Temperature varies between -10° and 14° C. Both in the mountains as in the village, everybody anxiously awaits snow in order to ski and snowboard in Cerro Bayo.
(September/December) Mild weather and a beautiful revival of flora (retamas, lupinos), with their brilliant colours. Temperature varies between 10° and 22° C. Winds generally blow from W and NW, mildly due to the range of mountains' protection.

The Weather in Villa La Angostura
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Arrayanes Forest
Cerro Belvedere Viewpoint
Santa Ana and Dora Falls
Río Bonito Fall
Arrayanes Viewpoint
Selva Triste Lagoon
Villa Traful
Cajón Negro
7 Lagos Road
Coihue El Abuelo and Brazo
Ultima Esperanza
Inacayal Fall
De La Asunción Chappel
Museo Histórico Regional (museum)
El Messidor Residence

Baroliche International Airport
San Martín de los Andes (Route 231/234)
Villa Traful (Route 231/234/65)
Bosque de Arrayanes (path)
International Path Cardenal Samoré
Congresses and Conventions Centre
Neuquén Capital (Route 231/237)
El Bolsón
Termas de Puyehue (Chile)
Puerto Mont (Chile)
Buenos Aires (by La Pampa)
Centre of the Villa