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To get to Nguillatun Cabins from Bariloche, pass through the commercial area and the "Cruce" (the crossing point where the Automovil Club Argentino is). Turn to your right, that is 7 Lagos Route or Route 231. As soon as you turn right you will see the bus terminal and, to your left, the Tourism Secretary. Go straight on, pass by a YPF gas station, continue up to the 64,200 km. You will see a totem showing you that our cabins are 150 metres to your right. Coming from San Martin de los Andes by the 7 Lagos Route, you will find a place where routes meet showing you two alternatives; one is to Chile and the other to Villa La Angostura and Bariloche. Take this latter one, cross the Correntoso River and only 1000 metres afterwards a totem will show you that our cabins are to your left.

In summer, from November and up to April, there is the trout fishing season: (Arco Iris, Marrón, Fontinalis) in the Espejo, Nahuel Huapi and Correntoso Lakes. Fly fishing is in the well-known Correntoso River -the shortest of the world- and many sporting and amusing activities can be performed. In winter, the main attraction is Cerro Bayo, a snow and ski centre where main sporting and amusing activities are carried out both for beginners and experts.
Cerro Bayo can be visited and enjoyed all year through due to its fantastic panoramic views and the sporting events there performed. Fishing, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, mountain bike, trekking and four wheel tracks are only some of the options for your adventure holidays in the Village. The idea is to fully enjoy nature and sport.

Verano: (Diciembre/Marzo) Cálido, la temperatura oscila entre los 10º y 28º y es el clima ideal para disfrutar de los lagos y las playas.
Otoño: (Marzo/Junio) Tibio y sereno, la vegetación demuestra su espectacular gama de variados colores: ocres, amarillos, rojizos. La temperatura oscila entre los 8º y 20 ºC.
Invierno: (Julio/Septiembre) Frío y Húmedo, la temperatura oscila entre -10º C y 14º C y en las montañas como en la villa se esperan con ansias las nevadas que permiten practicar el esquí y el snowboard en el Cerro Bayo.
Primavera: (Setiembre/Diciembre) Clima templado y un precioso renacer de la flora del lugar (retamas, lupinos), con sus brillantes colores. La temperatura oscila entre los 10º C y 22 º C. Los vientos soplan generalmente del cuadrante O y NO con poca intensidad debido a la protección que brinda la cordillera.



Villa La Angostura is situated at the south of the Neuquen province, on the north margin of the Nahuel Huapi Lake at 780 metres above sea level. The city hall area has 7960 hectares and is head of the Los Lagos district in the Andean Patagonia. Only 45 km from the border with Chile, 82 km away from San Carlos de Bariloche, and 110 km from San Martin de los Andes, by the 7 Lagos Route.

This mountain village has some 12000 people and some small and important hotel complexes, where the personal care of their owners and the kindness of people, make VLA a unique Tourist Centre. It is surrounded by a privileged landscape, with no pollution. The four seasons are very well distinguished, with changing natural scenery in flora and fauna colours.